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Garcinia Cambogia Extract Diet
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What is Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA?

By now you've probably heard the buzz surrounding Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA and how this natural fat buster is helping people to lose weight by not only preventing fat from being produced in the body, but also helping to effectively suppress appetite and control emotional food cravings! So I thought I would start my investigation by finding out exactly what this natural fruit extract is all about!

Garcina Cambogia Extract Some of my first discoveries were that the Garcinia Cambogia fruit also goes by the names of Assam and Tamarind fruit, it looks very similar to a pumpkin and is about the same size as an orange or small grapefruit.

The Garcinia Cambogia tree is native to Indonesia and has been around for thousands of years. It thrives in moist subtropical forests and comes from the same group of species as the Malabar Tamarind, Brindall Berry, Uppagi, Mangosteen and Gamboge.

It wasn't long before people realized this natural fruit had much more to offer in terms of health and weight loss benefits than they had first thought, so began growing it in other parts of the world, including India, Southeast Asia, as well as West and Central Africa.

But what is Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA? Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a natural compound that comes from the rind of the fruit. It contains a special chemical called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been proven to work as a natural fat buster and has recently been decribed by Dr Oz as "The Holy Grail of Weight Loss" and "the most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date".

Benefits of Using Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

Due to revolutionary new scientific research and clinical studies, health experts and scientists have discovered that Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA has the natural ability to not only help people lose weight fast but also provide other significant health benefits as well. One of the main findings from this research is that Garcinia Cambogia Extract actually helps us to lose weight up to 2 or 3 times faster than we would normally be able to achieve with just our normal diet and exercise regimen alone.

What really makes Garcinia Cambogia Extract stand out from other weight loss supplements though, is the fact that it effectively works as a dual fat buster by not only burning fat fast and preventing it from being produced, but also acting as a natural appetite suppressant, so you feel fuller for longer.

It achieves this by increasing seretonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter associated with making you feel happy and satisfied, so you are left with a sense of well-being. Garcinia Cambogia Extract also helps to actively manage the stress hormone called cortisol, which can really help those of us who suffer from mood swings or sleepless nights.

They also found that Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA managed to help some patients experience a reduction in total cholesterol of between 10 to 30 percent, as well as improve the creation of the good cholesterol called HDL.

Some patients with obesity also showed signs of improved insulin and leptin resistance, which are hormones that actively help us to eat less and be our normal weight.
Garcinia Cambogia Extract for Weight Loss

Why Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract HCA Work?

There are special enzymes in the liver called citrate lyase and these enzymes are specifically designed to turn sugars and carbohydrates into fat. This fat is then stored in fat cells, which will just continue to grow bigger and bigger as you pour more and more sugar and carbohydrates into your body. This, of course, has the obvious side effect of increasing your body weight and making you look fat!
Why does Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA work? Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA works by helping to stop this fat from being created by blocking these enzymes and allowing your liver to produce glycogen instead, which is the primary energy source that your muscles use to burn when you exercise.

This means that as your body is now focused on producing glycogen instead of creating fat, you can use this energy source to help retain or even build muscle mass, and the more exercise you do the more your fat cells will start to reduce in size as they begin to release their material so it can also be turned into glycogen.

One of the great things about building lean muscle mass rather than creating fat is that muscle has the ability to burn up to 30 to 50 calories per day, whereas fat can only burn around 3 calories, so the more lean muscle mass you can create, the more you body will be capable of burning that unwanted fat.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract also helps to improve mood swings and sleeping patterns, as well as control emotional food cravings and suppress appetite by changing the way your stomach releases chemicals into the bloodstream. As these chemicals reach your brain, nerve cells start to sense things differently and seretonin levels increase so you are left with a positive sense of well-being.

Recommended Dose & Potential Side Effects

The recommended dosage according to health experts is to take 500 mg 30 minutes before each meal, and only if you are looking to significantly enhance the effects of weight loss should you consider increasing the dosage up to 1000 mg 30 minutes before each meal, but do not exceed 3000 mg per day.

As far as side effects are concerned, Garcinia Cambogia Extract has been thoroughly tested by human history and eaten by many generations of people in the Far East. It has also done extremely well in modern clinical studies with absolutely zero sign of negative side effects. As long as you make sure you buy a product that doesn't contain fillers, binders or other artificial ingredients then you should be fine.

As with any diet supplement, pregnant women and children under the age of eighteen should consult with their doctor before starting any new regimen. Patients already taking pharmaceutical medication or in poor health (especially diabetics) should also consult with their physicians to see if they are healthy enough to enjoy the benefits of Pure Garcinia Cambogia before taking it regularly.

Where To Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

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If you want to experience the best possible weight loss results and health benefits that Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract can offer, then it's best to avoid buying any cheap imitation products and find one which is free from any artificial binders or fillers, contains 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract and has the right amount of Hydroxycitric Acid, which is about 50%.

Garcinia Cambogia Select is a premium brand that has received excellent reviews and is helping people from all over the world, to lose weight fast and effectively. It contains 100% natural Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, has 50% Hydroxycitric Acid, and is free from any artificial fillers or ingredients.

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